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Krystian Olszanski

Krystian Olszanski



Krystian is a non-award winning landscape, fine-art and sometimes editorial photographer who loves to explore the world. Born in Poland, grew up in Montreal and now based in Saskatoon, Canada. Shortly after obtaining his degree in Computer Engineering, he discovered his passion for photography and has been pursuing it ever since.

My summary of Joey L's Commercial Portraiture w...

Published May 6th, 2013

Last week I attended Joey L's 3-day Commercial Portraiture workshop at creativeLIVE in Seattle. What an amazing experience it was.

Joey L. ( is a very talented Canadian commercial photographer living in New York. His clients include Coca-Cola, National Geographic, History channel, Smirnoff, Pennzoil, Forbes, just to name a few. For his personal projects, he travels to remote locations to learn about endangered cultures and to create cinematic yet contemporary fine art portraits.

creativeLIVE ( offers free online workshops in photography, video, graphic design, basically any topic that involves creativity. The workshops are streamed live and you can watch them for free or you can purchase each course (at a very reasonable price) and watch it whenever.

I have been a fan of Joey's work for about 2-3 years now. His cinematic lighting is simply amazing but what I find the most impressive about his images is that I can almost feel the strong ...

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My NOT Top 10 of 2012

Published January 2nd, 2013

It's a wrap for yet another year. Overall, it was a positively busy one for me. In retrospect, I wish would have done more of certain things and less of others, but priority adjustment for 2013 is already in progress.

I remain thankful to my friend Peter who, on a one hot summer day at the lake, gave me a crush course in photography and handed me his (at that time) Pentax. Over the years, I got more serious about it. I invested into lenses and lighting gear and gained experience. However, my feelings towards this art form have remained the same since that day at the lake. I find most joy in capturing the true character of individuals and moments which otherwise would be quickly forgotten.

Alright, where am I going with all this... let me read what I've wrote so far... OK, yeah, so, moments. One year, 12 months, that is a lot of moments. As photographers, we should consider ourselves lucky for being able to capture many of those. Many of the images captured by others, have affected h ...

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