Laird Nelson

It is often said that each of us has a single passion in life. While this may be true for many, I have been fortunate to have two passions, my family and photography. My fascination with photography began at an early age when, as a young child, I held my uncle’s camera in awe and amazement and used it to create images and shapes and to capture tiny particles of the world around me. To my immature mind, each image was a single piece of time frozen and forever unchangeable. I then spent several hours reviewing, critiquing my creations and trying to determine ways in which I could improve them. Today, I am older, wiser, doing it better but am still constantly seeking ways to enhance my work and to use the camera to share with others my view of the world through its lenses. My goal is to document my experiences, the beauty around me and even that which may appear to be unattractive and to do so with a dedication and professionalism that would make that young kid proud.

His face is stern -- eyes of a visionary -- You step back because you aren't sure -- He's checking you out -- You think -- But he's not -- It's much deeper than that -- The vision of a man who has lived -- Transformed from reality -- to immortality -- the smile breaking the surface -- Caught up in the tongue of a South American accent -- You can't quite identify -- Captured with the blink of the shutter -- His -- eternally infused in his mind -- on paper -- black and white imagery -- Color splashed -- Historian -- lensman -- photographer... By Ginger Galloway

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