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Why give a photography workshop

Published March 4th, 2012

On the 2nd Day of March, 2012 I held my first workshop on Photography. Seems these days that everyone with a DSLR can claim to be able to shoot a wedding, portraits, landscape, and a large range of Photography. Everywhere you look someone is presenting a course. Here in Kuwait where I am working it seems every week a young Photographer who picked up a camera a year or 2 ago is ready to claim to be a master, ready to teach... and of course charge for their service. I was asked if I wanted to participate and be the student in a "Basic" photography course only a few weeks ago. Not easily offended so I just shrugged it off, but once I heard that the participants where being charged $140 for a 1 day course I had had enough. Photography is both a learned profession and it must come from within. Through a combination of school, apprenticeship, and dedicated practice you have an opportunity to improve and evolve over time.. as in years of time. Their are a few servants with outstanding artistic vision and ability who can master very quickly but they are not the ones spending their time shooting weddings and teaching weekend workshops.

So on to my workshop, which I held for free, and decided to give it a different name other then "Basic." Comprehensive was the word I chose to use. Basic seems so simple a term for todays Budding Photographer. There is so much to learn just to start out. The new world of Digital Photography entails so much. You have to know your camera, your equipment and also your Post Processing computer skills must be up to par. I chose to leave the computer work and developing to the students as I firmly believe to each their own on that portion of Photography.

I started with the true tests of dedication. Set the course for one week form the announcement date giving "plenty" of time for those who wish to come to arrange their schedules. Out of 15 original aspirants 4 novice and 3 advanced Photographers attended. Maybe it was the harsh timeline for the workshop.. call time was 5am sharp! My course outline was as follows:

Will be holding an open course on General Photography starting in the early morning on Friday the 2nd of March. We will be starting off with a meet up at 5am, going to location for a sunrise Landscape shot. From their we will be hosting the Pinoy Harlistas for a portrait and Detail Object shooting of the Motorcycles. Then their will be a lunch in route to the Kuwait ATV Championships for sports action shooting.

This will be a very comprehensive learning session and I will pass onto you as much knowledge as I can, we will also gain from each other with forthcoming tips and ideas.

Please bring open mind, Camera, Tripod if you have, Shoes that can get messy and a Smile.

A very long day carrying your heavy camera, out in the elements. Yup to me that seems appropriate to separate the strong from the weak. Those that came had a wonderful time, shared plenty of knowledge amongst each other and looked forward to the next session. Did I mention that the course was ~Free..

I guess its up to each individual in what they choose to do, but charging for information that is redly available and free on the internet is one thing. But to truly be able to understand the ins and out of our business and the dedication, time, and commitment to be a Photographer is only learned over time through many hours of experience. Please think about that the next time you see someone going from novice, to "PRO" to teacher next time your out their.


Learning perspective

Photographer David Jones of showing how to get an interesting perspective and see things in a different frame.


Adjusting the Horizon to the subject

Budding Photographer Amer Hamid learning how to frame his subjects and to control his DOF.

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