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Lafugue Logos

Lafugue Logos



【Lafugue Logos Portfolio】 https://lafuguelogos.500px.com/ Freelance photographer. I think "Words(Logos)" and "Photographs" having the same spirit. Contact address: art05studioacademiart@yahoo.co.jp  My pictures is made by poetry, philosophy, psychology, supernatural idea and spiritual feelings that is typically Japanese. Thank you for your visit. ※Please do not use all image on websites, blogs or any other media without my explicit permission. Copyright © Lafugue Logos All Rights Reserved. Best of 2012:Still Life~Into the dream The Top 10 Still Life Photos of 2014 Top 10 Macro Photos of 2014 The Top 10 Still Life Photos of 2015 The Top 20 Still Life Photos on 500px so far year 2016 《Editors' Choice》 "Afterimage of the fairy", "Molting of the creator", "Canvas in the morning", "Decrescendo epilogue", "Epic of blue flower", "Feeble dancers", "Waiting for Noel (Warm version)", "Blue syndrome~Azulado Viento", "Nostalgia", "Revealed theology", "Tenderly promise", "Reverie Blue", "WHISPER NOT" Eliza The Gallery】 【LA Photo Gallery】 【camerapixoNo.25 HOTSHOTS】 【121Clicks.com Showcase September 2014 】 【Tether Talk:Photographer Spotlight】 【ArtVogue】  《Book cover》 ・Editions Héloïse d'Ormesson Issue~  Author: Mary Wesley ”La Pelouse de camomille” ・Dreamspinner Press~ Published October 2nd 2015 Author S.A.McAuley "Where Wishes Go " 《Magazine publications》 ・Practical-Photography-Magazine October 2013/gallery ・Digital Photo–December 2013/Inside the Image ・Digital Photo Lens: Advanced Methods For Nikon      Photographers–May2014 /Camera academy ・Photography Masterclass Magazine2014 (for iPad or iPhone) ・Digital Photo SEPTEMBER 2014(Planet Photo) ・Practical-Photography JANUARY 2015 (10 Clicks)   Photography Masterclass Magazine ~Issue 51 – Learn How To Capture Extreme Close-Ups. ☆3.28.2017 →http://shotkit.com/lafugue-logos/ ☆Latest Articles: Popular Photo Interviews https://www.popular-photo.com/ etc…  《cover photo:OPENLAB》  《HTC One M8 Wallpapers》   《Nikon Deutschland》 *Mikael Sundberg/MIKAELPHOTO 500px interviews https://lafuguelogos.500px.com/
  • Nikon D700
  • SIGMA DP3 Merril
  • SIGMA SD15
  • Nikon D200
  • Nikon D3X
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