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Walimex WT-501 Boom Stand Review

Published January 4th, 2012

This is a small review since there isn't that much too review about a boomstand.

I bought this boomstand for 79.95 euro, which is around 104 USD. It's pretty cheap in comparison with other brands such as Manfrotto etc.

It came in a plane brown carton box, inside was the boomstand, fully assembled, but folded up to its shortest and smallest dimensions, being 1m30 and weighing around 1.5 kilo, together with the counterweight.

The weight included is 3.5 kilos, but it really is nothing more than a brick with a screw in it.

The bracket which makes up the boom mount is a simple, but effective design, as you can see in the picture below.

The stand itself only goes up to 1.75cm, which isn't that high, but if you fully extend the boom, which has a length of 210 cm, you actually can get pretty high.

The specs dictate you can hang 5kg on the boom when it's extended 170 cm, which should be enough to hang a monohead on it with a small light modifier. I primarily use it to hang my jinbei DC-600 flashead on it with a beautydish or octabox.

I'll be doing a more thorough comparison next week, on a shoot outside.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!





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Rogier van Rossen  over 5 years ago

Hey kevin,

how's your walimex boom stand coming along? What are your findings after a few moths of use?
looking for a decent boom, is it sturdy enough?

Kevin Van Haesendonck  over 5 years ago

definitly sturdy enough, but the use of the weight is absolutely a must, It's pretty useless unless you counter balance it. Price/quality is very good.