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Aron Lorincz

Aron Lorincz



Hello! I am an architect, photographer, 3d visualiser, working as image maker at Herzog&deMeuron, located in Basel. I use exclusively analog large format technique to capture architectural moments mostly on contemporary designs and industrial subjects. This process allows me to get extremely high resolutions (~100mp) with a beautiful wide dynamic range that the negatives can record even sometimes with radical overexposing. For this "intermediate material" I use mostly kodak portra 160nc and 400nc films, then I develop the negatives myself.
  • chamonix 045n-2
  • toyo g45
  • schneider 135mm
  • schneider symmar-s 210mm
  • schneider super angulon 75mm
  • nikkor sw 90mm f4.5
  • schneider angulon 60mm f8.0
  • nikkor apo 360mm f9.0
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