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This story is all about light. By definition, photography is painting with light. So, this is about the light in Southeast Louisiana. Many people think the light around New Orleans is very white and sort of flat. But, it isn't. Sure. During the heat and humidity of July and August, the light isn't very pretty. But, if you look around the edges and at the ends of the day, you can find some very pretty light.

New Orleans Churches

This is St. Mary of Assumption church is the Garden District of New Orleans. It was built in 1860 and pretty much abandoned after Hurricane Katrina.

After Isaac

The minute that Hurricane Isaac settled down, I went out looking for pictures. I found Hebrew Rest Cemetery Number 2, Uptown in New Orleans.

Magazine Street at Dusk

I was driving up Magazine Street when the sun dropped into right place to illuminate the street with pretty golden light.

Beautiful South

One day I went looking for something a little different from the usual New Orleans pictures that I have been making. I drove up River Road to the Westbank town of Hahnville and started looking at the fields.

Tampico Trauma

I was out in Arabi, which is located in St. Bernard Parish having a look around. Many of the houses there have been restored back to their 1800s splendor. But, now and then, you find places like this. I made this picture a couple of weeks after Hurricane Isaac passed through and this place still has it's Katrina search markings.

Lafayette Cemetery No. 1

Located in The Garden District of the Garden District or New Orleans, Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 was glowing with a great sunset on the day that I happened to pass by. If you are visiting the city, go to the world renowned Commander's Palace and wlkk across the street.


Located at roughly First and Chestnut Streets in the Lower Garden District of New Orleans, this old carriage house is one of my favorite places in all of New Orleans.

The Road

I took a drive out toward Braithwaite, Louisiana. It was heavily damages during Hurricane Isaac and I wanted to see how it was doing. The roads were still closed to everyone except those who live there or who had official business so I couldn't pass that way, so I took a drive down Highway 39 and found this picture.

LeBeau Plantation

The LeBeau Planation house is one of the few remaining River Road mansions that is still standing. The property was purchased in 1721. This house was built in 1851. It was last lived in sometime in the 1980s.

Brickyard Blues

Most of the older buildings in St. Thomas industrial area have either been torn down or gentrified in some way. But, there is this one cobblestone street and old group of brick buildings located very near the old Entergy power building that looks like I imagine it did in the 1800s.

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