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Published August 1st, 2013

No corner of my photography world is complete without my darling Petunia pug. She is the subject of so many photos just because she is always there. If I'm out shooting, she's with me. If we're out walking, my camera is along. We're an inseperable trio! I hope you enjoy this little collection. Not meant to be high art but definitely love-filled. Please disregard the poorly named watermark on the older photos. I was a bit full of myself and thought it necessary to mark everything :)


Just a puppy

This is Bala, my first love and Petunia, my second. She was but a few months old when we brought her home. It wouldn't be long before that little thing was eating us out of house and home.


I'll eat anything

and she means it..... Loved to eat grass then and will still put anything in her mouth that may be even partially edible.

  • August 24th, 2011
  • NIKON D90
  • 1/50 sec

Puppy joy

needs no words.

  • June 20th, 2011
  • NIKON D90
  • 80mm / f/5 / 1/800 sec

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