Published June 17th, 2012

I love taking pictures and sometimes a perfect moment is not captured because I feel I need to have my best camera for the best moment. Thanks to the oftenly repeated phrase "the best camera is the one in your pocket", I've decided to introduce some new tactics and focus on taking the perfect moment with my best camera that I carry at all times, My iPhone. My focus will be on capturing the perfect light in that intriguing moment.


Self Portrait

Being behind the camera I don't usually allow for many self images. Being a photographer I find myself very critical of everything, including my own images. I sometimes surprise myself with a self image that I don't mind. This being one of them.

  • iPhone

Sunny Peek

In the car towards a forgotten destination, it was pouring rain, thunder with clouds that you were almost curious to touch as they appeared so dense. Through the heavy clouds for a few moments it's excruciatingly bright. The sun is peeking through creating a unique sense of coolness that is not often seen.

  • iPhone

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