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Le Bich

Le Bich



Hi Im a freelance photographer based in Hanoi-Vietnam. Email:
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Tho Ha Village Festival

Published March 1st, 2013

Tho Ha village in the northern province of Bac Giang is one of three famous pottery establishments in Vietnam.

Ancient pottery vestiges can be found in many houses, walls and roads, which were built with the same materials including pottery shards.

Tho Ha’s annual festival is held from January 20-22 of the lunar calendar to commemorate Dao Tri Tien, the village’s pottery craft founder.

The first festival dated back to 1685, but it fell into oblivion for a long time until 1992, when villagers resumed traditional rituals.

The highlight of the festival is a palanquin procession that carries the saint patron and the holy mother to the village’s communal house. The procession is led by unicorn dance troupes and a musical band playing the clarinet, two-string violin, drums and cymbals, followed by three elders being cast as the Three Abundances of Happiness, Riches and Longevity.

The festival provides a chance for the villagers to honour and express their gratitude to the village’s patron sa ...

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Traditional firecracker festival in Dong Ky vil...

Published September 29th, 2012

Dong Ky village in Bac Ninh province, about 30km from Hanoi, on January 29 to celebrate its traditional firecracker festival.

Hundreds of villagers carried two massive representations of firecrackers, which were engraved with four mythical creatures (dragon, lion, tortoise and phoenix) to the communal house for the ritual.

Four respected elders from each of the four hamlets in the village were selected to perform the ritual, praying for good weather, bumper crops and prosperity.

The festival, which is organised on the fourth day of the first lunar month and lasts for three days, aims to honour General Thien Cuong who helped Hung Kings recruit young villagers to fire on the enemy and was later considered the tutelary god of the village.

To perform a solemn ritual, more than 400 people, including 300 unmarried men, are mobilised to support the procession. Folk games such as human chess, badminton, volleyball, martial arts and cock fighting are held during the event.

Since the Government ...

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