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Lee Santa

After high school graduation: made a brief appearance at Sac City College. Did a 3 yr stint in the army 1965-68. Graduated from Sac State, 1975 with a BA in art/photography. Moved to Portland, OR(1977) & North Idaho(1981). 1985: Married 1991: Bought 5 acres & built house, Sagle, Idaho. 1995: Divorced. Since 1997 & to my retirement: an engineer/planner for a small aircraft parts manufacturer near Sandpoint, Idaho. Retired in 2005. Purchased 1st computer in 1998 & found it to be an enormous aid in my photography. Please visit Fine Art America ( to see some of my photography.

I consider the best measure of a person to be his or her interests/favorites, so here are some of mine:

*Musicians/composers: Albert Ayler, Sun Ra, John Coltrane, Mal Waldron, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Sunny Murry, Pharoah Sanders, Cecil Taylor, Ornette Coleman, Bela Bartok, Claude Debussy, Chas. Ives.

*Books: In Search of the Miraculous(P.D.Ouspensky), Cypher of Genisis(C.Suares), Holographic Universe(M.Talbot), Symbol & the Symbolic(R.A.Schwaller de Lubicz), 7 Mysteries of Life(G.Murchie), Bloodline of the Holy Grail(L.Gardner), Secrets of the Great Pyramid(P.Tompkins), Peoples History of the U.S.(H.Zinn).

*Movies: Excalibur, The Burmese Harp, Quest for Fire, Wild Strawberries, A Xmas Story, Night of the Hunter, Shane, Once Upon a Time in the West, Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, Alphaville, Satyricon, Conspiracy Theory, Sanjuro, The Bank Dick.

*Political/Social commentators: Noam Chomsky, Colin Wilson, Michael Moore, Robert Anton Wilson, Howard Zinn, Ralph Nader.

*Web sites: Church of the SubGenius, Michael Cremo & Forbidden Archeology, Terence McKenna Land, Hermetic Fellowship, Western Mystery Tradition, Science Frontiers Digest of Scientific Anomalies.

*Other interests: bird watching, bike riding & people watching.

Contact me: 1.618lfs(at)

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