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leonardo dela cruz

leonardo dela cruz



Photography is one of my hobby, i have just started this last June 2010. Landscape is my favorite but I want also to explore on some areas. I want to learn and explore the world of photography. Positive and negative comments are welcome, i need these to enhance my skills and inspires me as well.

The Sunny 16 Rule

Published July 26th, 2011

The Sunny 16 Rule

Take a lot of photos in bright outside light? Then you may want to give the Sunny 16 rule of thumb a try. The main requirement for using this technique is that your camera can be adjusted manually.

The Sunny 16 rule applies to taking photos wherever you live, at any time of the year.

When used correctly, the Sunny 16 rule improves exposure and helps prevent highlights from clipping. This rule, based on ambient light rather than light reflected from the subject, suggests that:

On a sunny day, you should set your aperture to f16 and your shutter speed to the reciprocal of your ISO value.

This means that, for an ISO value of 100, your shutter speed should be near 1/100 seconds (most of the time cameras will offer a value of 1/125 seconds). An ISO value of 200 calls for a shutter speed around 1/200 seconds.

Changing the aperture value follows the same guidelines. For instance, ISO 100 with an aperture of f8 and a shutter speed near 1/200 seconds respects the Sunny 16 ...

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