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Christopher Rankin

I have always had an intensely strong urge to express myself and my ideas to others in what I can only describe as overtly creative/exciting ways. Whether that be through humor, writing, multimedia, stimulating conversation, and most especially digital photography.

I think that digital photography appeals to me so much because it can so seamlessly blend several different artistic mediums, mindsets/disciplines, and techniques together to form a cohesive image (pun intended) that is all held together by precise mathematics and cutting edge technology. Despite all this I still tell people starting out that photography is exactly as complicated and or rigid as you wish it to be. There are no absolute rules set in stone, just a slew of very well thought out guidelines, tried and true techniques, and traditionally accepted societal expectations that you can completely adhere to in the strictest possible manner if you so choose to do so. Adversely, you can almost completely ignore all of it. Photography allows you that kind of leeway.

I'd like to think that I tend to fall somewhere in the middle. Certain days leaning farther to one side of the spectrum than on others. I always try to leave myself open to as many sources of knowledge as possible and thanks to the Internet a person is truly only limited by the strength of their desire to learn and to be inspired. When it comes to knowledge and ideas I am similar to a prospector from the olden times. Sifting through it all and quickly snatching up the nuggets that shine brightest to me, each offering different qualities. Then it simply becomes a matter of combining the separate elements together in just the right amounts to form a very unique and singular fusion. Similar to an artificially created alloy that is significantly greater than the sum of its parts, forged in the flames of creative passion, while still being tempered in the heat of common sense and hard logic.

This metaphorical alloy of which I speak of serves as the building material from which the foundation of my creative endeavors are all birthed into reality. This foundation serves to inform and influence my interpretation of the world around me and ultimately serves to form the guiding principles that my life choices are built upon.

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