Football in Sierra Leone

Published May 9th, 2012

During my recent trip to Sierra Leone I was spoilt for choice for photographs. As well as the tight shooting schedule at the Sierra Rutile mine, we also were fortunate enough to visit some of the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) projects. We visited a local school and were made to feel very welcome by the children. They love their football in Africa, it is one of the past times that children really take to, not only here, but all over the world, and none more so than in Sierra Leone. There are various charities that use this passion for the game as a way to entice the children to attend school – the attendance rate in Sierra Leone is under thirty percent – the hope is that by attending school, they will be rewarded with a football scholarship to football academies like the Craig Bellamy Foundation which is a very successful way of educating them in basic life skills and beyond, whilst still encouraging their love of football.

Being a lover of football myself I often look out for ...

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Personal Project: London Comic Expo, London

Published November 11th, 2011

As part of my continuing personal project on sci fi nerds and geeks, I headed to London's Excel Centre last week to photograph whatever I could that would add to my rapidly expanding collection of colour on this subject. On hand were the usual scatterings of stormtroopers, and Mr Vader himself, who threatened me with my life when I suggested he was not standing very upright for such a powerful Sith Lord.

Also at the show was huge presence of Japanese 'Cosplay' characters who seemed to be living in their fantasy worlds. Bless them, whatever makes them happy - it's what I find interesting as a photographic study, people happy in what they are doing, and showing that.

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