Published November 8th, 2011

Monday, November 7, 2011


The photography superstore of choice for professionals and for those who choose to just do it as a hobby. The store, which is now in its third decade, carries everything from Canons to studio lighting and film developing trays and many more. The used department upstairs also has good bargains you can't really beat anywhere else. The store may seem intimidating at first, but the place is filled with the kindest Hasidic sales staff members and they are so helpful and knowledgeable about most of the products they sell. I recently checked out a few cameras there , ranging in prices anywhere from $150.00 - $20.000 and up! I really like the fact that B&H is such a hands on store, where you get to actually test out all the cameras and get familiarize with them. My favorite cost a whopping

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