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Lynn Geoffroy

Lynn Geoffroy



For me photography is art. It unleashes my passion to create in a way that I am unable to do in other mediums. Art is not only paint on a canvas or the carving of a sculpture but it can be defined by the finished product, in that can speak to the soul of the observer. As a young child I loved photography and carried a camera with me pretty much where ever I went. This carried on with me on until I was a young adult and then, as often happens to many a young man, I got sidetracked with life. After raising my kids and once again finding the time to pursue a passion I felt myself compelled to return to photography as an art. Photography, I find, causes me to view the world in a different way. I notice the many small and diverse beauties of the world and find myself appreciating creation much more deeply. Thank you for visiting my photo pages and I hope that you will enjoy my portfolio. In viewing them I also hope to have an opportunity to inspire you to follow your dreams and passion to create.

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