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Great Wall My China

Published May 3rd, 2013

Johannesburg, and indeed most large towns and cities in South Africa, are characterized by high walls, barbed wire and elaborate security systems designed to keep intruders out. As a pedestrian, should one deem it safe to walk around alone, you would walk through these valleys of sheer cliffs of "Keep Out" on every side. Occasionally you may see glimpses of a garden paradise, but mostly you would see them from behind bars. This collection of images is mostly reportage, but I hope that as I take more of them, I can make them interesting as well as informative.

"My China" not only refers to the great wall, but is also deliberately references a peculiar South African slang, probably borrowed from English immigrant cockney rhyming slang and means "my friend". The term is used less and less nowadays. The irony is delicious.

I welcome comments, especially those that endeavour to help me take better pictures.

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