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My passion for photography started when I was about 12 years old and my parents bought for our family holidays and trips a small film camera (SKINA SK-102).From the first moment I laid my eyes on it I was curious and wanted to know how to use it.Not long after, I became the main user of that “interesting gadget”.So I started photographing forests, waterfalls, mountains, the sky and basically everything beside the reason it was bought for: photographing people (us).My parents were not very happy about the fact I was “wasting” the film but I couldn’t help myself.I loved taking nature photos more.But time passed by and my attention got concentrated more on other things, mainly my studies.A few years later, in 2007 I bought my first digital camera ( a compact one) Samsung S850 that I used for almost 5 years and in almost every situation possible but its performances were too limited for my purposes.So this year in June I acquired my first DSLR, a Nikon D90 and I am very pleased with it.It is a wonderful camera and I love it.I hope you will enjoy my photographs :) Thank you all in advance for your comments, votes and favourites!
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