Lloyd Morley

And the time will come
When you see we're all one
And life flows on within you and without you
George Harrison

An Artist's statement
By Lloyd Morley

I was in a state of extreme depression and I found it very difficult to look beyond what was right in front me. I could not see beyond the moment, beyond the day. It was as if I were wearing blinders. All my focus was on the loss of my most beloved dog. Platina.

Platina held a most important part in my life; so important I made her the subject of my Master of Fine Art graduate thesis. That body of work consisted of abstract details. The lines, forms, shapes, textures and patterns that I found in my beloved Weimaraner. I was to repeat these techniques as I move forward.

After the death of Platina I was to become so severely depressed that I spent many months grieving over her grave. Day after day month after month, summer turned to autumn and autumn to winter. I would just sit and stare.

Then one day I finally began to look around. Although Platina, my girl dog and the love of my life, had died in summer I was now in the depths of winter. As I looked around what I saw were the details of a decayed and frozen world. It was then, after over a year hiatus, I picked up my camera and started photographing details of this deteriorated world.

Death is cold and in winter the decay is deliberate and I with my narrow and dark focus could see nothing but the details of an eroding world. If not for my photography I may have never moved beyond my depression.

Within these details I was to discover a vibrant dynamic world filled with the most intriguing patterns. I was bearing witness to the curing of life. Through this decayed and frozen world made of ice, so fine and frail, I would witness an ever-changing cycle of shifting patterns. Never quite the same these sequences would repeat themselves time and again freezing, thawing, freezing and thawing. With no two days ever the same I realized just how brief and fragile this cold and lifeless world could be.

It is with these images I offer glimpses into places that are thought of as lifeless, stagnant and frozen. And it is with these images that I hope the inquisitive viewer will find, as I did, a most delicate and active visual landscape.

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