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Good Morning Vietnam

Published May 30th, 2013

A swimsuit pictorial featuring Vietnamese Supermodel turned Pop Star Ha Anh Vu

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Ends as Beginnings

Published September 2nd, 2011

I believe that we often think of endings as negative, I mean, sure if something bad is ending we don't think of that as negative. I'm not attempting to be a motivational speaker saying that we can take solace in endings ... "when every door closes another one opens..." If we have the ability to put things into perspective by understanding the nature of things we can take less time mourning the end and more preparing for the beginning.

I try to remember that endings affect beginnings, that it's important to keep my eyes open and be aware. A wave starts with it's end, as it crashes on the beach it recedes laying the foundation for next ones. Our lives are like waves, our beginnings are formed in the wake of our endings. These waves are continual and infinite as they are crashing around us every second of every day.

We too are waves affecting the flow and direction of our mutual paths. I believe that as waves go I'm east coaster, you know...6 to 7 foot breaks with dreams of being (at ti ...

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