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Lone Wolf Fotos

Undercover amateur photographer whose ultimate mission will be to travel to every country and territory on Planet Earth.

My current mission, however, involves travelling (aka spying) around Mexico and Central America. These current photos document the very best of my intelligence gathering adventures.

OK, the excerpt above is too simplistic, and some of you may remember me from another 500px account of mine, albeit one that I was forced to discontinue when I had to seek political asylum in Mexico, and despite of the fact that that account had over 600 photos, over 500 followers and over 30,000 in affection.

Oh well, if I was able to do it once, then I'm entirely confident that I can do it again. However, I will not be revealing my real identity for the time being, as I wish to maintain my anonymity for a while longer.

Anyway, and as a clue perhaps, these particular travels of mine are part of my often stated goal to travel to every country on Planet Earth, so maybe that tidbit of information may lead you to figure out who I am. Or maybe it won't. Or maybe even you just don't care. Which, truth be told, is probably the smartest thing for you 500pxers to do.

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