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Long Bach Nguyen

Long Bach Nguyen



As a professional pilot based in Seattle, Long spends most of his time crisscrossing the western United States in a diverse group of aircraft. Whether flying high above in a corporate jet, or down low in the cockpit of a seaplane, Long spends a lot of time in the air. Flying provides him the opportunity to capture unusual views of the landscape, spectacular weather formations and other fresh perspectives few photographers ever experience. A self taught photographer, Long’s philosophy is to keep the image true to its original and to find the beauty in the subject. He likes to keep images clean, crisp and simple so they can tell the story in a single look. From stunning views of cloud formations over Mt. Rainier to cityscapes and abstract desert formations, Long Nguyen’s airborne camera gives us all a chance to experience his unique perspective on the landscape. If you like to purchase any images, please contact me via email. Thanks, Long

Vietnam 2012

Published November 22nd, 2012

It has been 37 years since my family and I left Vietnam only a week before the end of the Vietnam War in April 1975. I visited my relatives in Saigon for the first time in 2007. I saw my grandma, aunts, uncle, and many cousins who I have not seen till 2007. It was an exciting trip in term of seeing family members and the wonderful photographic opportunity. On Sunday my wife and I along with my mom and two friends are heading back to see 92 years Grandma and all the relatives as the same time we are heading to Hanoi, Danang, Hoi An, Mekong Delta.

I will try to post pictures during the trip of the various places and along with a little story. Here are my pictures from my first trip to Vietnam in 2007.



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