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Lorenzo Shoubridge

My name is LORENZO SHOUBRIDGE and I am an emerging naturalistic photographer (I hope!)

My passion for naturalistic photography has its rise in my love for the nature that surrounds me and in my unbridled aptitude for microcosm, a parallel universe dominated by insects, arachnids and every other kind of arthropods that makes it a real space age set. In particular moths are what I love most, that is to say butterflies, with their peculiar life and their magnificent beauty.
Another reason that drove my way was surely my background as agronomist that allowed me to learn the basics of entomology, and to study old natural history texts. And then there is my gorgeous land: VERSILIA, where, since I was a kid, I made wonderful discoveries in the salt marshes on the coast or up in the mountains, on Alpi Apuane mountains top or in the splendid Tosco Emiliano Apennines.
Time, love, passion, and poetry together with a bit of madness, made the rest and a different awareness arose in me, a hope, to try, with the lowest impact as possible, to bring to people houses an instant of nature, shiftily seized, to try to sensitize public awareness of the problems that today more than ever afflict our planet.
For me it was like a swelling river, a tidal wave that swept me away as for fun, when I bought my first reflex to make sports pictures when I went to climb; then every day, every cold winter morning, every sunset end every second spent to huddle up in my legendary kayak keel, have more and more stimulated my hunger to discover and to research.
My approach to photography is minimalist, I rely on the light common basic rules and my one-track mind is to try to dominate it by working on the field; obviously I cannot take a studio with me, so I always try to make shots in the simplest way as possible, finding new tricks and stratagems to make the most out of what nature provides me with.
This has also become for me an exercise to face day-to-day life where often, caught by the the frenzy of the moment, by the progress flatteries, by the constant distortion of natural times, we forget simplicity and we become frustrated people, me included, and maybe this sense of frustration drove me.
To stop suddenly, to think of a picture, to lower me to the ground, to see where the superficiality do not come to, allows me to face life in a different way, this is for me a great thing and I want it to share it in my pictures.

In most of my pictures I do not apply a massive post production, but it is always reduced to the minimum and non invasive; I love vivid colours and often, people that criticize me, find my background unreal; this is my style, I do not replace anything, I always try to light and contrast backgrounds by a flash, and I limit myself to wait that this work is done by natural light!
Certainly the field of naturalistic photography I love the most is the macro photography, this discipline leads me to literally crawl to the ground in my microcosm.
This is a source of inspiration and learning, this leads me to discover a different world that is always in front of us but we are not able to see it.
To me to do macros, besides satisfying my thirst for knowledge, means also meditation: you must have peace of mind, try again, then wait, then try again before achieving a good result.
Atmosphere means a lot to me, the perch, to me the single shot is the pure shot, now and then I use the focus stacking (a combination of several shots by specific programs to have the best depth of field); often I prefer to have a part out of focus and to take a picture the old way by checking myself the depth of field, by playing with distances and the various lenses.

To photograph animals in their natural surroundings is a parallel path I am covering since rather a short time, and in fact you will find in my website some galleries concerning fauna still under construction.
This is another aspect of photography I have always been fascinated with, but it has a total different approach compared to macro.
In this field I range from wandering photography to post photography, I like to change often, to find new spurs, to look for new strategies .
I am never satisfied with my first shots; the research for the perfect shot is the basis of my job and it happens often that I go back to the same animal several times, I run after it for kilometers, I wait for it for days.
That’s how I am , I think that my tenacity contributed a lot to my best shots.

The idea to have a website comes from the need to show my job to the wider public as possible in order to make it environmentally aware. I have a dream: also a shot can change the planet’s future!
If people, through my eyes, my shots, can realize how beautiful the real world in which they are living is, then they must change their approach to life.
I hope so for me, for my son, for my family, and for new generations.

At the moment I contribute to some trade journals and agencies.

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