Lorna Boyle

The last year has been an incredible learning experience for Lorna. On January 1st 2011, she started a Project 365 pictorial diary, taking and uploading a picture a day to an online album, just using her iPhone 3GS. The photos she chose were the significant and the mundane, whatever was going on in her life at that moment. She loved the spontaneity of it. However, by the time October rolled around it was getting more and more difficult to keep things interesting and fresh. There were a few photographs taken with her iPhone, that stood the test of time and still impress her to this day, but she found the limitations far outweighed the spontaneity that first thrilled her. It was time to move on. With a borrowed Nikon D60 she ventured out on her first photo shoot... and was blown away by what she could do with it. That borrowed camera is now her own and she hopes to learn a lot in 2012!

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