#6 - War Photojournalism and the iPhone

Published August 2nd, 2011

As a small addendum to my #4 post, this link will take you to a project where war photojournalists on location in Afghanistan used iPhones.

I'll also mention that they used an application called "Hipstamatic", one of my favorites due to the app's nature to not allow post-processing within the app itself. You have to import it into another app to do that.

This creates a slightly purer experience with the iPhone in that what you shoot is what you get. If you can bracket a shot with varying "lenses" or "film" (alternative filters in "Hipstamatic") that's fine, but when you consider being in a fire fight, or observing security patrols, you don't get second chances.

That stated, please check this out and see the results for yourself. It goes without saying that the subject, war itself, elevates the feeling and emotion of these photos, which are in no way degraded by having been shot by the iPhone.


It will be intere ...

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#5 - Aperture 3

Published July 30th, 2011

Just a shout out to Aperture 3 users. I'm just beginning to use it, so I would love to check out work from those that also use it. I can find ideas, inspiration, and maybe a little support.

Please leave a comment, and I will follow you.

If you aren't an Aperture 3 user, that's all right, too! Post-processing is a special skill, so please tell me what you are using so I can get an idea of what is editing your images.

Thank you!

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#4 - iPhone Photography, or iPhoneography

Published July 30th, 2011

I'm interested in what you think of the iPhone as a camera, creatively, technically or otherwise. What do you really think? Lay it on me.

I'm rather fascinated that mobile photography has exploded in such a way; posted iPhone pictures on Flickr now out-number any other camera thanks to it's ubiquitous nature.

I have to ask what made so many photo-sharing users get into it so much. Was it the apps, which can add that certain pizazz worth sharing? Was it the ease of posting? Is that even a nobody like me and a somebody like Darren Rowse both enjoy using it?

Finally, with respect to the talent here on 500px.com, what does mobile photography mean for this chapter of digital photography? Humanistically I feel the iPhone introduced a fresh level of interaction with our photography. Several cameras now feature touch screens that allow shutter release. And now the iPad allows RAW data editing, like holding a photo and changing it in your hands at the same time!

My opinion: iPhoneography op ...

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#3 - The common denominator + the prime lens = ...

Published July 22nd, 2011

Recent discussions and blogs have been resonating recently with the notion of simplifying our photographic process. What better way is it to simplify than to start with only using a prime lens?

For various reasons I was glued to my zoom, but it wasn't long that I felt something was missing.


The most common denominator in photography is "us"...the photographer. Of course after that there are countless systems and post-processing software that sends us in all directions.

Nevertheless, for me, I still needed to return to myself and grow more.

The prime lens offers that opportunity more than any other. It's refreshing, actually, to turn on the camera and be presented with exactly what you will see if you shoot.

Now zooming in means walking closer. DOF? Walk closer. Wider angles? Get further away. Seems silly to say all of this, but isn't that what simplifying life is all about? And in my process of photography, I do want simplicity. It's just so much better...and lighter, too!


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#2 - Google+ ...let's connect, let's network!

Published July 4th, 2011

Let's meet and let's share!

I'm on Google+, and if you would like, please join me here on 500px.com as well as Google+ so we can expand our horizons together!

Just send me a message with your google name or gmail, and I will send an invite your way!

I'll just say this: I am a respectful individual that will NOT spam your circle if you added me. Likewise, I hope we can all mutually enjoy the brave new world of "plussing" photographers!

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#1 - My introduction: a work in progress

Published June 17th, 2011

I've been messing about with photography since my father was doing it in the 70s. So it's amazing to see where photography has come just in the last 30-plus years.

Photography is an on-going, multi-layered evolution between human experience and the technology for freezing those moments. We all know that already. And it's easy for us to get caught up in the technological leaps in recent decades.

It is a never-ending work in progress, but it all started with us. Not as photographers, but as human beings fascinated with what we could see or interpret. Some of us paint, while some of us sketch, or draw, or even take pictures.

No matter the medium, it's easy to lose ourselves in the process, or the technology, forgetting about who we are, or how we've changed. Those changes are intrinsic to our own lives, and are woven into the way we see things and photograph our surroundings.

We are the work in progress.

So I'm asking myself, and sharing with you, the question of being self-aware whe ...

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