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Luca Pierro


"The first time I saw Luca Pierro's photos I found they were at least 70% photoshoped, but they were not. This photographer try to reach the effects, textures and lights with the less manipulation as possible, so he uses a lot of materials like fluor, milk, water and other. The results are pretty magnific, I must admit they speak by themselves - See more at: http://abduzeedo.com/impressive-portrait-photography-luca-pierro#sthash.MU3g3WbS.dpuf "

In the photographs by Luca Pierro we see the photographer’s ability to capture the balance between real and unreal, his pictures are created carefully with light effects and colored powders. The expressions in the photographs of luca are immortalized in the hardest way possible, the materials used give the subject an almost statuesque, still picture of the evolution of the subject. His series of 100 portraits seems to represent his emotions, colors and lights are used to accentuate the expressive power of the face.

Luca tells us that he always tried to give a logical thread to his photographic themes that brought him so dear to deepen his photographic series. While at first glance his images seem retouched photos are the result of hard study of light and materials that have led him to get this wonderful result, we can truly say, in this case, the images speak for themselves.