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Lukas G

Lukas G



I discovered photography when I was living in Australia. I wanted to show my family and friends the beautiful landscapes of this very singular country and to share my new life and adventure with them. Later on I started taking portraits of people and life scenes. Photography became an excuse to please my curiosity, to discover new angles of human beings and their cultures. I wanted to go where I had never dared to go before. When I take pictures, I am traveling and experiencing new ways of living in which I can express myself and feel fullfiled. Always with that same idea in mind of taking pictures in the heat of the moment, I started photographying weddings. I first took pictures of my friends’ weddings, and then little by little, through networking, I was brought to this very peculiar wedding universe that I enjoy. What is important for me is to capture the moment and keep it real and authentic : every action has to remain spontaneous, every emotion has to be caught in the instant. That is why I am an active member of the WEDDING PHOTOJOURNALIST ASSOCIATION (WPJA) and the INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF PROFESSIONAL WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS (ISPWP). Every wedding picture is a challenge. I am 100% involved, living the emotion and trying to keep it as real as I can in my photo reports. During one day I tell your story and keep your memories…
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