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Lily & Star Spring/Summer 2012

Published May 1st, 2012

After I shot some studio-type images at the University of Minnesota College of Design's annual fashion show (this year called Twelve), I collaborated with a friend I had met while shooting the show named Taylor. Taylor and I decided we wanted to shoot again but on location, when I asked about wardrobe and styling she mentioned that she has modeled before for a small clothing boutique in Minneapolis called Lily & Star ( and that they may be interested in putting together a shoot for their spring and summer lines.

After a few emails to reach an agreement, the store owner and I decided on a date to shoot and how many looks would be shot. The final number was 24 different outfits with 4 different models, all dresses with assorted bags, clutches, hats, shoes, and jewelry. We decided to shoot at Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis just west of Uptown, a really nice area that was a pleasure to shoot at, it is a more trendy area so while shoots aren't really expected, no one will ...

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Lightning over Lake Michigan

Published June 24th, 2011

A few weeks back we had the perfect storm, a small clumping of severe thunderstorms about 20 miles north of where I live, giving me an hour and a half of lightning with very little rain (a few drops here and there never hurt anyone).

I went down to a beach near by (luckily my cousins let me park in their driveway or I woulda gotten a pretty nice parking ticket as it was 10:30pm) and tried one of my favorite things to shoot at this particular beach, this pier.

I do not know what it is about it, but I can stare at a picture of this pier for hours and never get bored, something about how it is falling apart but still standing strong, how it blends in with the lake, who knows... it just provokes a lot of thought for me, so naturally I gave it a try.

This shot actually was quite lucky, I got on the pier, took my framing shots at high ISO's (so you don't have to wait 30 seconds each image to frame your shot) and then the first or second long exposure I took was this one, I had it on a con ...

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