Introducing myself

Published June 3rd, 2013

Conceptual portrait photographer who seeks story-lines and captures them with a camera.

Photography: A captured image appealed by/appealing to the eye

Young Photographer

Creates concepts that tell a story through images creating photography

Portraiture and surrealism

I want to be able to create pictures that either tell a story that I want to tell, or create a story in ones own mind that I did not interpret myself. I want to create both concept stories and surrealism. Pictures that make sense and tell a story - and pictures that don't. Of course, it will be easy to tell the difference.

I found photography when I was shown old cameras every night before I went to bed. I fell in love with photography when I picked up a camera and started capturing moments. I became addicted to photography when I started creating portraits and taking self portraits. My addiction grew and grew when I found myself holding a camera during my weakest days. I became committed when I decided to pursue my ...

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