#4 It's great to work with creative models - Nikola

Published August 1st, 2011

Couple of weeks ago, we did a shoot with NIkola. She is a great model, very beautiful with incredible smile - although as you will see on the shots she did not smile much ;)
However, most valuable insight in to this session was creativity of my model.
I do not precisely remember, how we did get in touch, but as soon as we exchanged few e-mails, I knew she has one million ideas and guess what, its all planned, sorted and ready to go! I got the list of possible styles that she is ready to shoot. I picked 2 - lady in red and rocking girl.

It is great to work with models like this, as I myslef like to brainstorm a lot about the session, ideas, colors, poses, basically everything. I like to feel passion for what we are about to create photographically. Nikola is this kind of personality, easy going, smiling, although you could think initially, that she is shy. She works her way out on the set.

Normally, I always talk to a model and we discuss, what kind of coaching she needs from me, and what she does not like. Its the worst nightmare if you do not know this up front and you stress or annoy your talent, before you get up to speed. You have to be sensitive and you need to know how to coach, or not, to get things moving smoothly. You also need to remember, that model does not see what you see through the lens,
It took over a month before we settled a date and finally we met and shoot.
Have a look at Nikola's blog for more images from different sessions: http://nicollee-bochynska.blogspot.com/

MUA for the shoot was Marta Joanna Siedlecka or as I call her 'Martucha' (She probably hates it, but never told me :P)
She did a great job as always :). BTW, I will elaborate on working with MUA's and pros and cons of this kind of cooperation based on my experience soon. Should be fun, and maybe a start to an end of some ongoing cooperations :) (hope not)
For this shoot, for the first styling (red), I used one light, which was 60x90cm softbox on a studio strobe in horizontal position. As a fill light, I had my deep octa 120cm behind me on minimal power not to loose details in the fabric and accesories Nikola was wearing. We shot against white wall.
For second styling (Black), we used grey background with deep octa as a main light, slightly from the side for full body shots and from the side for portraits, to obtain totaly black background.
I used grey bckgrd, as I knew when shooting, that for those images i will do some compositing. And for this, grey is the best to work with.
As a rim/fill light, I used bare reflector from the back, on the opposite of octa, to get some light in to the hair and separate my model from the baackground.
Details on the settings, you can check on the photo-page here at: www.500px.com/MaciejBlaszczuk

Hope you enjoy the images. Please comment, like or hate and let me know why?
Below also a face chart from MUA and a backstage.
More coming soon!

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Awesome Account
Maciej Blaszczuk  about 5 years ago
Thanks Stephen! Hope it gives some insights to those who work out there in studios and in the field :)
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Stephen Godfrey  about 5 years ago
great post, thanks for sharing.