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Mitchell Kranz

Mitchell Kranz



I am a professional photographer of many things from People, Birds of Prey, Macro, Cars to the Wildlife here in Alberta and in the Heart of the Canadian Rockies near where I reside. I really enjoy being away from the big cities hustle and bussle and love spending as much time in the mountains, rivers and just generally the outdoors with ALL the wildlife that comes with my small part of this amazing planet . Lately I've been into birding and portraiture but love to keep it fresh with creative concepts and I'm never afraid to throw my macro lens back on if needed. I also breed reptiles as a business/hobby and own and operate The 2 go hand in hand for me and I love taking photos of my reptilian friends at home and in the wild too!!
  • Canon 50D
  • Canon 5d Mark II
  • 100mm macro
  • 18mm-85mm
  • 300 mm f4.0
  • 50mm f1.8
  • 55mm-250mm
  • Canon Macro Ring Lite Flash MR-14EX

Best END OF THE WORLD DAY for Birding in History

Published December 21st, 2012

After being sent home from work early this morning I made a call to Logan Gibson and we decided to go Birding near Vulcan. Just on the way home to meet him I saw a Rough Legged Hawk.

We arrived 15k North of Vulcan and the Excitement began right at 12pm with a Great Horned owl, picture perfectly posed in a barn with the window framing it's warm outline basking in the sun!

Carried on to find A Snowy Owl atop one of the poles. Pretty Flighty tho and could'nt get anywhere close without it taking off further down on the utility poles.

Then we tracked a large soaring bird that turned up being a Golden Eagle, that in turn flushed out a Gyrfalcon we later found perched on some wood pile. Near Lake McGregor a Prairie Falcon right in the middle of a gravel road!

To top it off we went to the spot where Logan had previously seen the Short Eared Owl, I spotted one with the Binoculars hunting above the sagebrush we tried to track till 4PM with no good pictures on my end as it was too far in the ...

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