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About Me

Published May 14th, 2012

Hello there world.

Mack here. This is me trying to see if there is any merit to the whole social media shindig. So far its going pretty well, but it's a lot of work! So I apologize if I'm slow to keep things updated. Busy Busy Busy.

Anyways, I don't really know what these photo stories are all about, but I look forward to writing more in the future, but for now I will leave you with this short and sweet photo story :

Recently I was visiting my grandmother, I woman who I have the upmost respect for. Queeny, as she is known by all her buds, has a luminous, and most noticeably, humorous personality. So after convincing her that a photo shoot would be fun, I set off to try and convey her personality though photographic means. Once we were sitting down and the photo shoot underway, she began to make all sorts of funny faces. This was an incredible moment for her and I and something that I will always remember. I hope that the photos make you smile. We all have a grandma, and if your so lucky as to have one that is still around to talk to, get off the internet right now and give her a call. I'm sure she'll be happy to hear from you!!


Faces of the Queen

From left to right, top to bottom, my grandmother making silly faces and finally (bottom right) her reaction to seeing the images

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