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kadek susanto

kadek susanto



Kadek Susanto known mostly by the name Kris. Kris was born from a family of artist in His native Country Bali (Indonesia). Kris has been creating art since He was a young boy and he even won awards for His painting, at the age of 12 Kris already began selling His arts as a way to make money. In 2006 He came to United States Of America, following a job contract. He was instantly amazed by the landscapes in the United States and instead of drawing the landscapes He bought a camera and began to take pictures. A year later He got job contract in Custer State Park ( South Dakota) which is where He still lives. He continued to take picture for recreation while living in South Dakota. Kris met His wife molly, together they love to go out into many different areas through the black hills to hike and more importantly take a wonderful photos. According to Kris " Taking picture and painting are the same in my opinion, the exposure, lighting, and the depth of a photography are the same as a painting, However painting requires imaginations to create a work of art yourself while photography are requires patience and a constant search for the perfect still moment to capture in frame" Kris is working hard to afford a nicer camera and other equipments to further pursue His love for photography. He believes there is always something more to learn, so He will never stop studying and practicing the art of photography.
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