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Magda Indigo

Magda Indigo



HELLO, my name is Magda, I'm a passionate professional photographer. The images on this site are my fun, my freedom, my personal work. MY IMAGES ARE ONLY FOR SALE FROM ME, DIRECTLY, VIA the website! GO HERE: I am a Belgian, born in Flanders, in Bruges, who happily lives in the UK with my husband, fellow photographer Paul Indigo. Photography is a way of life for me. We all have our preferences but if you are a good photographer who knows what he's doing... you can do ANYTHING? It is ALL about light, creativity, beauty and EMOTION, not only technical prowess; isn't a perfect image without creativity or emotion just a picture? I am a versatile photographer who does not fit into just one little box. For many years I used the fabulous Hasselblads... however, when the new Nikon D7000 came out... I was soooo impressed with the quality that I have gradually been switching and now, no more Hasselblad with the extension tubes etc, only the Nikons, quality AS GOOD! Never thought I'd say that! I also write a non commercial blog, full of stories and personal anecdotes: Click here to read Magda's Blog My images are used for book covers, in editorials, on TV and for advertising campaigns by companies including: Apple Harper Collins American Express Random House McCann Erickson Microsoft Accenture Publicis Life Brands Avon Hallmark MTV Fiat The BBC Samsung Marks and Spencer Arnoldo Mondadori Editore I am a Getty Images Artist. See Magda on Getty. Here are the images that DON'T do it for me and will not receive reaction: bugs, zoo animals, homeless people, provocative women, infrared, HDR and over-saturated (over-manipulated)! Hope you enjoy your visit. Thank you, Magda (*_*)
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