Muhammad Azhar Hafeez

When you’re born into a culture which is as engaging, rich and diverse
as ours, it’s not easy to step back and observe it from a distance.
Everything here is rooted in the celebration of being a part. And
because most of us are so busy participating or ‘living it’, we
usually don’t have time to showcase the overwhelming wealth of art,
craft, colours, music, poetry, people, fashion, food, architecture
and rituals of Pakistan. Not that we don’t have the will or skill to
do so, but it’s just more fun joining in than experiencing it from
behind the camera. But because we love sharing, there’s a part that
compels us to share the awe-inspiring architecture, spectacular
sceneries and unforgettable faces of Pakistan with the rest of the
world. That’s the part that inspired me to travel from Gwadar to
Concordia with my camera to showcase and share the true spirit of
Pakistan. This covers the 25 best years of my life and I organize 5
solo shows whereas 50 group shows area also in my credit. I was among
the tweleve best photographers around the world who were slected for
capturing the beauty of China.

I hope that when you see my work, you’ll feel the same way as me when
I returned home to Islamabad from my fascinating journey. Entirely and
absolutely in love with Pakistan.

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