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Maik Elyk

Like: artistic drawing, calligraphy, SKATING, surfing', heavy metal, animals, forest, autumn, get lost without any plan and map,snowboarding, skiing, playing tennis, pizza, beer...

DONT LIKE: crowds, the weight of my camera, tripods (nowadays I don't use it), calibrated monitors, untalented photographers teaching copied post-processing methods to poor beginners, hate go to take photos with an specific planning, lack of creativity, photographers telling stories trying to make a photo special (a photo must speak by itself and, if it really has a special story behind it, this is intrinsically hidden in the feelings that the photo expresses; if not, perhaps they should be a writer, not photographers),...

WORK: Industrial engineer... nowadays working as a technical drawing teacher, love it!!
NAME: Mikel Fernández (the nick "Maik Elyk" is a long story...)
AGE: physically 34 (mentally when I skate about 15 ;)

All my "photos/digital works (perhaps this last is a more appropriate name) are not real, they are based on a real image but colors/tones/elements size/... are modified in practically all of them (only the first photo of my collection shows the reality practically as it was).

I don't like purist photographers, I like creative people. I don't consider the best photographers (my favorite) as photographers, I consider them DIGITAL ARTISTS as all of them modify the reality to a certain extent. I DONT MIND IT, IF IT IS RECOGNIZED I don't see any problem. I don't know why people bother this, as in most cases it is quite obvious when an image is modified and when not.
I dont mind if something is not in focus, or if something is over-saturated or not, or if some pixels are lost,...I see an image as a whole.

My favorite photographer is Max Rive. I also admire the work of Marc Adamus (IMO the best photographer of all times) and Alex Noriega, who has by far the "best eye" for colors/tones (I find color/tone dissonances in all the photos of my favorite photographers except in most of his photos). Also admire the artistic creativity of Ryan Dyar and Enrico Fossati.

Hate photographers who kill the magic of a place (for example shooting 500 times the same horrible panoramic photo of Patagonia...sometimes I wonder how they can be so boring and uncreative person) and also hate photographers traveling to copy the exact same photo of the top photographers.

I'm a self-taught bad photographer. I have several times tried to find a workshop in Spain to learn something serious about photography, but I have not found a talented photographer in Spain with a similar artistic-vision to mine (...hope one day I will find somebody special here in Spain to learn from him).

MAIL: IF YOU WANT TO CONTACT ME (not for shooting please, because I don't know to take photos with people around me...sad, but it's true; to take landscape photos I need to be alone to really connect with the environment...hope this change in the future) you can do at:

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