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Twenty four year old Manfred, grew up in Los Angeles in the outskirts of California. He is the younger of two siblings and was raised by his mother, who also resides in California. He has worked and captured through out the city of Los Angeles, capturing light and dark resonances on film. Painting in one shutter shot. He has a passion for the arts, specifically for the vision and views of creation through the eyes of a pair of lens. His scientific description can be viewed through the records he produces with light on film. Not only is his objective to capture the symbolic significance by a deliberate arrangement of the subject, but to capture the senses, emotion and intellect that define art itself. His mastery to conceptualize light reflected and emitted from pixels to a file to the process of developing it into an emulsion to procreate an image that feast the eyes to focus on the missed space, the dark and the light. With color he captures and paints the mind of those who see his work. The Function of his art is to engage the eyes to focus as he focuses his vision through the eyes of his lens.
  • Sony Nex 3, Nikon D7000, Canon 7D
  • 50mm, 75-300mm, 16mm 18-55mm, Fish eye lens.
  • umbrellas, reflector. manfrotto tripod.
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