In a hurry

Published November 16th, 2012

During my stay in Toronto, I`m trying to take pictures almost every day, or just analyzing how the lights - natural or artificial - works here. It`s different from Brazil, and here it`s easier to find nice street architeture in a good state of preservation.

I took those pictures on Trinity Square, near Eaton Centre. It was a cloudy afternoon (around 05h30 pm) and almost nobody was walking around in the area. So I noticed the simple and beautiful lights surrounding the square, and the streets creating a mix of a urban and nature scenarium. Yeah, it was time to try my multiple exposure.

It took a few time to me to get some nice shots (I left my tripod in Brazil), and started to rain when I finished... the weather sent me a sign to go home, haha.

The post production wasn`t difficult, but I`m not 100% satisfied with the final result. I have to study more, definetly. But the experience was pretty cool.

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