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mark daniel

mark daniel



my name is mark, and i am a photographer, a graphic designer, and artist. one of the most fascinating things about photography for me, is that the images captured can reveal a great deal about the person who took them. they can show what you consider interesting, curious or beautiful. they can show how you see the world around you, and how you see the other people you share it with. photography can be a great introspective tool, a way to learn more about yourself, and what makes your creative wheels spin. but photography is also about reaching outward. photography can be about trying to capture and reflect a small sliver of the beauty of GOD’s creation, whether that’s found in mountain ranges spanning many miles or in the relentless crashing of the ocean tide. photography can be about reflecting and expressing the spark of the human spirit, diverse, wild, broken, beautiful. I believe that my creative momentum will continue to grow as i search for inspiration not only inside, but as I look for outward opportunities to serve and love others along the way. Thank you for your support and encouragement.
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