"Anytime Anywhere, We’re Ready" -Land Rover Story Challenge

Published November 9th, 2012

The car is packed to the brim of our “necessities”. It’s the weekend, it’s vacation, it’s time between our classes, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we’re always prepared. I usually have a little of everything in my car, skateboards, harnesses for sailing and climbing, wetsuit, a variety of cameras and films.

My friends are the same way, depending on the week, the weather, or general time off, they’ll have an arsenal of outdoor equipment in their loadout, waiting for what the day will bring us.

These are my friends, we have traveled the world together, laughed together, cried together, and pushed each other to our physical and mental limits. Through our long lasting friendships there has always been an attitude to seize the day, and not waste our youth.

We’re at a nexus in life when serious career paths are about to be taken, grad school is over and the reality is lurking. A promotion in a job means little to no time off. Running a small business is slowly taking over my life. But right now, before we solidify our futures, the car will be packed and ready to exploit the last bit of youth. Anytime, anywhere we’re ready.


Thanks Land Rover for putting on such a great competition!


Bishops Peak Highline

Here's Erik at the top of Bishops peak in San Luis Obispo on a 120 foot slack line 80 feet above the nearest ground.


Tonsai Beach, Thailand

After a day of deep water soloing the lime stone towers of Krabi Thailand, we decided to relax and snorkel for the last hour of the day.


Ocean Beach, San Francisco

Minna going over the dunes during a wind swept day.


Ventura California

My best friend Jay wading out in our local surf spot in Ventura


Exploring Tonsai

Making our way through a dense jungle and muddy slopes above the tree line to find the start of a climb.


Lead Climbing Tonsai


Leaving Yosemite

Our final climbing trip of the summer to Yosemite, Three Sisters on your right, and the beginning of El Capitan on the left.


Anytime Anywhere, We’re Ready

We're always prepared for what the day will bring us.

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