mark prime

Mark Prime is more than a photographer, he seeks to create an enriching photographic journey for all he encounters. No matter where, no matter when, the odd sock advocate hitch hiking traveller seeks to engage and excite with each shot.

For as long as he can remember, he has always carried a camera, which he has used to learn, progress and refine his skills, consulting every photographic book he could find and taking inspiration from the places he visits, the people he meets and the books & music he immerses himself in. Shooting with his film camera was like possessing a time machine, he could chose which moment, which person, which place he would immortalise.

Currently Mark is running several photography groups, writing texts on the ultimate question of life the universe and photography and preparing several bodies of work for exhibition, all the while picking new routes to head out without quite knowing the destination, looking for new culture and collaborations to embrace.

Mark’s goal is to make photos that inspire and enthuse, the same feelings that are running through him when visiting somewhere new, meeting someone for the first time or when taking his photos. Through contributing to a better understanding of photography and cameramatics Mark hopes to inspire those he meets to take up their cameras and join in a photographic revolution.

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