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Mark Schwall

Mark Schwall



Welcome to my nature and wildlife photography collection here on 500px. I have had a long standing interest in science and the natural world for as long as I can remember. I grew up fascinated and inspired by Jacques Cousteau and National Geographic specials on television. Through my teenage years I grew up wanting to be the next Jacques Cousteau. I attempt to capture wildlife with my camera in a way that shows the essence of their nature. My greatest hope is that my images are aesthetically pleasing but more importantly educate others and raise awareness of our natural environment in way that motivates others to understand it and protect it for coming generations. I take great inspiration from the amazing successes of the comebacks of previously endangered species such as the Bald Eagle and Osprey and can only hope with the looming threats of global warming, habitat loss and other environmental threats that we are smart enough to prevent other species from facing extinction. If you are interested in a print of any of my images please visit my website. I thank you for your interest and visit and hope you will visit often to see what is new.
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