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Mark Turner

Mark Turner



15 years of age, taking photos in my local park which is full of wildlife.
  • Canon 600d
  • Canon 450d
  • Infra-red wireless mini cam
  • DIY Camera Trap
  • 18-55mm
  • 70-300mm
  • Manfrotto Tripod

Encounter with a little owl

Published December 7th, 2012

First Wildlife Article I wrote for a newsletter

After research into the location of the little owl I set off one evening on a quest to find it. It was around 5 0’clock, just before the sun set when I tried to lure the owl in by using a portable amplifier and a little owl call that I had downloaded off of the internet. At first the only visitor was a jay that I had seen flying around landing in the tree above me.

A bit later on when I stopped and started to pack up with a slight disappointment I heard an unfamiliar noise. It must be the owl! I thought to myself, so I played the soundtrack again awaiting the response, however there was no reply. The only thing that moved was that Jay that had been hanging around, except as I looked up I realised it wasn't a Jay but in fact a little owl (there tiny). Being a hobbyist wildlife photographer I fumbled for the camera making sure I always had one eye trained on it - getting an odd look from a lady walking her dog - I snapped away. Typically ...

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