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Marco van Lieshout

Marco van Lieshout



Keen student photographer. Interested in the light and how it plays with the landscape.
  • Canon 5D2
  • Leica M8
  • Mamiya RZ67 ProII
  • Canon 50mm f1.4
  • Canon 70-200 f2.8
  • Canon 24-70mm f2.8
  • Zeiss Biogon 35mm f2.8
  • Mamiya 110mm f2.8
  • Apple only

the darkness

Published February 20th, 2012

Sometimes I just seem to bump into some strange creation or phenomena and can't resist taking some photos. Being a landscape photographer mostly, it can really surprise me to see that some of these experiments turn out pretty well. Perhaps I should concentrate on that and leave the vistas for what they are. Murphy being Murphy, I would then probably bump into fantastic landscapes.

This is quite an enormous ceramic children's head, discarded in the garden of some cultural center. The way it just lies there on it's side, that huge crater of a hole, like it had been hit with a hammer.


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Published January 3rd, 2012

If Auschwitz was a very dark museum, Birkenau ("Auschwitz II") was staggering in its impact. Of course the infamous railroad tracks and the main entrance building have been captured thousands of times already. But somehow the magnitude of the place eluded me until now.

The horror ...

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Auschwitz ...

Published December 28th, 2011

With a lump in my stomach I traveled to Oswiecim, apprehensive of what I would encounter at Auschwitz Birkenau. I wouldn't know how to describe what I felt, but "anger" comes closest.

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another bunch ...

Published December 17th, 2011

So much fun, rummaging trough my virtual suitcase full of photos. Travels abroad, things I've seen, things I didn't know what to do with but are now precious. A true adventure. Suddenly I understand why older people, especially the generation of my grandparents, liked looking in those thick photo albums.

"Ahhh, yes, I remember that, that was ..."

And in my case, most of the photos are less than ten years old.

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Published December 13th, 2011

Sometimes you accidentally bump into this photo opportunity: I just got out of the bus and was more or less focused on food and beverages. But there was a line of some two dozen people. So I looked around and suddenly was VERY glad I brought my camera.

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