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Mars Fotógrafo



I am a artistic and professional photographer. I like the women, as they are! I use almost no retouching, no effects, nor "typical" poses, but I try to express the personal sensuality of my models in my photos. For many years I worked as a professional photographer based in Basel (Switzerland). I photographed private clients, models, lingerie and advertising photographs. There are two monographic nude photography books of me and many contributions to other photo books and magazines. Now I live for a large part of the year in the historic center of Barcelona and on my website I show the recent results of my creative work with amateur models. In addition, I still offer private photos for private customers, books for models and nude photography workshops... Regards! Mars

why I don't post anymore here...

Published October 30th, 2012

Hi everybody, especially my dear followers.

First I'd like to thank you for your support, your votes and your often very nice comments. So - because of you! - my decision to not post anymore here, wasn't an easy decision at all.

Why might a photographer publish his work on other sites than his own?

It is very obvious: he wants to gain more attention. In the end he wants to find new clients, new models, new publishers, because - as lovely points and votes really are - one cannot eat them... In short, a photographer puts his images here for publicity reasons.

But does 500px give you this publicity? I'd say: no.

First of all, it lacks the possibility to place a working link together with the image. One can write the URL in the text that appears small on the right side (if somebody really uses a huge screen), but who is going to copy an URL from there and paste it into to the browser? Exactly no one. So I put an image here, maybe get some votes, and that's it. Why should I do that?

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In Tuscany!

Published June 16th, 2012

Shooting with love the beauty of nature, that's my job. Artistic photography of women.

Daniel Bauer

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Free entrance to Hell

Published June 12th, 2012

Here you'll find available all the forbidden fruits that take you straight to hell. Implicit temptations in artistic nude photography. We do not advertise girls nor do we exhibit their bodies as a showcase. We focus on photography of naked bodies and they participate as main element. But like just a few others, this space will be your personal journey to your most hidden and devilish instincts. We realize your visual dreams. Each photograph and history that accompanies it, will serve as a ladder to climb more and more up to your deepest desires.

We give you a ticket that ensures your entry to hell. Want to get on this train with us?

Then go ahead!

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