Martina Wicki

Martina Wicki



Born in 1981, in a time where there hadn't been any smartphones, digital cameras and tablets. So my first pictures were taken with film. One of the first I remember was a photo of a purple flower. Years later, when I was twenty and graduated from teachers college I took pictures of a sunset in Croatia. I still have two of these photos enlarged in my apartment. Then on my first visit to New York in 2003 I really got into photography. I shot about 200 photos with film in a week. Fortunately a year later I had my first digital camera with 10x optical zoom. In most of my pictures you can't find people. I always try to take photos without them. This hasn't really changed so far. Since the winter 2012 I go to photo marathons, which are a challenge for me. On several Saturdays through the year you can go to a city in Switzerland and you get 12 different topics. Then you have 12 hours time to take one image per topic and upload them to a platform. This summer I took part at a 4-week course at the Arts University College Bournemouth. In this four weeks I learned how to take photos in a studio, how to use the flash, the post-production with photoshop, how to communicate with models and so on. The four weeks were hard, but I really enjoyed it. I met a lot of great people there. And after all I might take more images of people than before.....

Winter at Mount Pilatus

Published January 20th, 2013

Mount Pilatus is a famous Mountain in central Switzerland. Many tourists visit it. From the top you have a fantastic view to the Alps and to Lucerne as well as another wide part of Switzerland.

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