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25.01.12 An Introduction

Published January 25th, 2012

I offer a warm welcome to those reading this blog, or who have already read the previous post. I would like to apologize for the lack of an introductory post, so here it is, an introduction about myself and how I came about the aspiration to take photos/be a photographer.

If you want specific information on my images and specifically photography,this can be found within my biography in my portfolio

So lets get started shall we?

Born in 1995 and now still quite young in this large world, I was always a person who enjoyed creativity, as many children do when they're young. Beginning in my lower years of education simply drawing what came to mind often being cartoons or purely through the use of my imagination as well as writing stories being a past time of mine.

Over time going through the education system I spent much of my time prior to 2010 mostly drawing, often sketches of whatever I was interested at the time as well as taking on subjects that was needed of me in classes during my secondary education.

This was bolstered by the fact that my family also came from quite an "artful" background, with my Mother being a graphic designer at the time for the newspapers, my Father a keen scientist as well as a Chef, with cooking in my opinion also an art. Cousins, Uncles and Aunties also dealt on a daily basis as a job with the art, with many in the design and media sector, I was indeed as a young individual surrounded by inspiring and creative people, obviously in turn influencing me.

During my primary and secondary education, my ability to produce results in the art department were seen as above average and in some cases superb, with both fellow pupils, parents and teachers praising me for such skills, allowing me to achieve grades that I am more than happy with. This was also a similar case for me during my classes in English/Literacy, with my passion for books and other novels aiding me in both my English during my early years (one mustn't forget I am also Chinese and was brought up with Cantonese speaking parents.) as well as allowing me to achieve some surprising grades in Literature. However over time, this urge to draw, create and write dulled and ultimately declined to a stop, with many priorities and events that teenagers at the time have to undertake such as exams often adversely affecting such prospects.

However as time began to free up and I sought out other interests, the creative spark came back to me. Slowly I took interest in the art/media sector of the world, producing typography posters and like drawings anything that interested me at the time, creating a deviantART to both supplement my ideas as well as publicise my work. Photography came about during my summer holidays after my GCSE exams, my previous interest in the skies and cloud formations was heightened. Leading me to take further interest in taking pictures of the skies, capturing various cloud formations and sunsets that accompanied it. However this soon dulled once again, when exams and studies resumed. Though this interest has picked up since 2011 when I started the tumblog "cloudybloglr" which showcases the incredible sky shots that many photographers take around the world. Check that out here:

When the time to choose what courses to take during my time studying AS levels and being in college, one of the options was indeed Photography AS Level, however after some time the final conclusion was for an academic course - History/Biology/Chemistry/Computing.

This in turn resulted in photography becoming more of a hobby, influenced by friends around me, some of which took photography AS, I came to be more and more interested in the subject of photography itself.

This was further pushed during the creation of my various blogs/tumblrs which can be found here This allowed me more insight and more exposure to the beautiful world of photography, with a growing interest in the design and modelling sector. I came about large companies such as Nomad Two Worlds and Victoria's Secret with their various A class models and their assortment of quality images and photography crews, cinematographers and media developers like Madoff Productions and We Can't Stop Thinking and ofcourse professional photographers themselves such as Russell James and Ben Watts. With all these inspirations my mind was racing full of ideas and where I wanted to take this from more than just a hobby.

And this is where I am now, using the tools I have at hand I go about finding new locations to take more shots, areas to find more inspiration, looking to others for inspiration and currently saving up for a DSLR, aiding my development of skills.

Thankyou for reading, apologies for the lack of or depth of information as this was written rather quickly.

If you have anymore questions or just generally want to get to know me more check out:

My contact page on my portfolio here:

or my twitter here: @tinezfu

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