The problem with 500px

Published March 13th, 2012

I hate seeing grades next to my photos. I'm not here to be judged, it's not a contest. People can criticize my work but I don't want to see poor grades attached to my pictures forever, grades that will pigeonhole them as "bad photos". Grades are the first things that appear when you click on a photo (and they actually appear before clicking on the photo), not even the description. Lets people make their own opinion. Moreover this system is biaised giving a real lack of diversity among the photos which receive good grades.

Art has not price and should not receive grades.

I still prefer flickr.

500px could rock if they changed their disrespectful approach toward art.

PS: it's not personnal, I'm not saying that I constantly receive bad grades, (but still, I do). And good grades bother me as well. We are not at school anymore

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