all about Yorkies

Published January 17th, 2013

Raising the most popular toy breeds, Yorkshire Terriers.

I am very pleased they let me share their life.

Charming and delightful little creatures that will steal your heart.

My life with these wonderful dogs has been and still is a wonderful adventure.

They are truly photogenic in every way.

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Hummingbirds in Texas

Published August 30th, 2012

After hurricane winds subsided our little feathered friends arrived. A challenge to get pictures of them but well worth it.

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Feathered Friends

Published August 23rd, 2012

Lots of time here to enjoy our geese.

All have names and individual personalities.

Raising them all from babies has been truly rewarding.

They are silly , graceful , comical and amazing little creatures.

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It's a good thing

Published August 23rd, 2012

Each year I have around 200 limes from my tree.

The rich color , taste and fragrance are easy targets for my macro pictures and cooking up something good.

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