Massimo Massarenti

Massimo Massarenti, born in Milan and Venetian by adoption. Today he lives in Noale near Venice.
Likes to portray through its inseparable cameras, the territory that is home for over fifteen years.
It's a passion, photography, accompanying him since he was a boy, when he used a 6x6 and loved to try to photograph many different subjects. Landscapes, crafts, people, events, buildings and more, have been for him, always a source of great interest.

In her store you can find a lot of material linked to performing the most important and best known, but also routes photographic themes: the work in the field (harvest, threshing, harvesting tobacco, etc.. Etc..), The capitals scattered throughout the municipality, trades endangered, the historical places, the changes and work in the area (water works, the reinforcement of the dikes, major repairs, the road that changes etc.. etc..), religious holidays and not the country, the sign seasons (from snow on the city, the weather, the lush fields).

In the third millennium, has been able to deepen and develop specific photographic themes. It has taken thousands of images of industrial landscapes and surrounded or connected to the industrial areas of Porto Marghera-Venice-which often are in a state of neglect and spectral shipbuilding environment.
The knowledge of the industrial landscape has made it an important reference point for the collection of information and images of an era that has upset a whole huge area near Venice and its lagoon, which is often approached by several associations and bodies cooperate as a witness the historic documentary.

In this period the following projects.
Always attentive to the evolution of photography over time, focused his studies on photography artistic creativity and irrationality.

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